How to grow hair fast

Everything you need to know about hair growth

Every month, hair usually grows about half an inch or less, or even longer if you treat it with TLC. There are certain measures and precautions you must consider if you really want to see big changes. But some people are lucky enough that they don’t need to do all the work to grow their hair fast because it is already part of their genes. Apart from the genetics, blood flow plays a very important role during this process, the hair roots need to be fed from the blood to produce more cells and therefore causing the hair to grow. However, for some people it can be difficult to see their hair growing, it has either stopped growing or it grows up to a certain length and no matter how many times they trim their hair it just keeps doing the same thing. You may be one of them or you are just tired of seeing your hair growing slowly. My hair used to grow up to a certain length and I kept trimming it hoping that it would solve the problem, but nothing changed. I then decided to google how to grow hair fast and applied some of those tips and it worked like magic. Now let’s talk about how to grow hair fast by using any of the following techniques.

Healthy diet = healthy hairHealthy diet fast hair growth

When trying to grow hair, there is one thing you always have to remember, and that is… your hair growth depends on how much water you drink every day. Our body needs eight to ten glasses of water to perform all of its functions properly and failing to do so will cause slow hair growth. However, the food we eat mostly contains water in it, so it helps us boost our water intake level. Water is essential for hair growth because it hydrates our hair, assists in regulating the circulatory system which then stimulates hair growth by feeding the hair follicles. If your hair lacks adequate water your tresses will stop growing due to dryness and brittleness.

Our hair also needs nutrients that come from the food we eat, so when you choose what to eat you should consider what your hair needs to grow. Here is a list of types of food that helps stimulate hair growth:

Protein food – helps the body to produce keratin to prevent breakage and enables protein supply to hair follicles.

Omega 3 fatty acids – prevents hair loss

Vitamin D – helps create new hair follicles.

Vitamin C – this is a good antioxidant for strengthening the hair shaft and follicles, as well as preventing breakage.

Vitamin E, enhances blood flow to the scalp and promotes much faster hair growth.

Dark, leafy green vegetables – have Vitamin A and C which is needed by the body to assist producing necessary oils for maintaining strong and healthy hair growth.

Moisturizers, conditioners and shampoos

Moisturizers hydrate our hair, make it look shinier and protect it from dirt and heat. But not all moisturizers are good because some of them contain a lot of chemicals that are actually dangerous for hair. Hence, this is why I always go for organic moisturizers to be safe.

Make sure that you choose the right shampoo, look at the ingredients before buying it. I usually go for the ones with my favorite oils such as coconut oil, argan oil, etc.

Make sure that you always condition your hair after washing it because when you wash your hair, it looses the necessary nutrients. So conditioning hair replaces the oils, proteins and other nutrients to make it strong and healthy again and protect it from damage. Leave-in conditioners are also highly recommended especially for untangling hair as well as hydrating it.

Split ends

When you give split ends the freedom to stay as long as possible, you might as well accept that your hair probably won’t grow any longer. Split ends can be deceiving, they’ll make you think your hair has grown longer whereas in fact… the bottom part of the strands that make it look longer is the one that needs to be chopped off. When my split ends are really bad, they make my hair length look so crooked. Every 2 and a half to 3 months cut out an eighth of an inch and ensure that your scissors are clean, I usually wash my scissors before using them for my hair. Trimming your hair may look make your hair a bit shorter but it definitely will make it look healthy.

Avoid heat as much as possible

Many people think that it is normal to wash hair with very warm water, but it actually ruins it. It is recommended to wash hair with lukewarm water because too much heat causes breakage.

Now, I know that straightening our hair makes it look nicer, neat and enhances our beauty and the hotter it is, the more satisfied we get, but unfortunately we have to slow down on using straighteners. If you persistently want to have long hair or want your hair to stay long then I suggest that you use a straightener once a week. The heat dries out the oils then weakens our hair and therefore inhibits hair growth.

The same goes for hairdryers- it’s either you put the heat on medium or don’t blow dry at all. I suggest that you air dry your hair to avoid the mess. And always use a heat protecting spray before straightening or hair drying.How to grow hair fast


There are a lot of methods we can use on how to grow hair fast and I only mentioned a few here. These are just the basic and essential ones that are most likely to work for everyone, hence I didn’t recommend any hair products in specific. Some people go beyond when growing their hair, they buy supplements with the vitamins that speed up the hair growth process and some use hair treatments. But the problem is that just because it works for someone it doesn’t mean it will work for you too. I know it’s good to take advises from people, but be careful, don’t change from one product to another. Good luck on growing your hair.


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  1. Lots of good information! Great article! 🙂 It’s amazing how just eating a healthy diet and making sure you get all the right nutrients helps keep your hair grow and stay beautiful and healthy! ( To be honest, I think eating a healthy diet helps us with many things, hair being just one of them! )
    Anyways, I always heard that using horse shampoo helps to grow your hair, what do you know about this?

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