Argan Oil Benefits


What is Moroccan Argan oil?Moroccan Argan Oil Benefits

Moroccan Argan oil is a natural oil extracted from the kernels of the argan trees which are commonly found in a North African country Morocco. The oil comes from the nuts that are inside the fruits of argan trees and each fruit contains one to three kernels rich in argan oil. The Moroccan Argan oil benefits have made it to be famously known as a precious oil that has been loved by women for their beauty and has a huge impact on the economy because it is creating many jobs for women in Morocco as there is a high demand of it across the globe.

Moroccan Argan oil for your hair Moroccan Argan Oil Benefits

Argan oil is used in food, cosmetic products and to treat skin diseases. But here we’re going to focus on using it for your hair. It is rich in natural phenol which are absorbed by the hair follicles when applied correctly. Our hair needs lots of nutrients in order to grow and to resist damage caused by environmental factors and some things we do that impact negatively on our hair. You may not realize it, but the food you eat is not only needed in your body, it is also needed in your hair. So yes, there are certain food you have to eat which are beneficial for your hair. Luckily, some hair products are manufactured using ingredients extracted from food, so they help us feed our hair. There are a number of nutrients contained in the argan oil such as fatty acids and Vitamin E and they have many positive effects. Many people rely on Moroccan argan oil as a moisturizer and conditioner and there are Moroccan Argan oil benefits which I have personally noticed and learned about.

Moroccan Argan Oil benefits

Argan oil is commonly known as a perfect oil that promotes shine and sleekness on any hair type. It works perfectly at softening any type of hair for a long period and also tames frizzy hair. When your hair has been damaged, argan oil will fix some of those damages caused by the chemicals we put on our hair such as relaxers and dyes. At times, we may forget to trim our hair when our split ends start looking bad, but you don’t have to worry that much because the Moroccan argan oil can be used to treat and mend split ends as well. If your hair is thin and brittle then you can count on the argan oil to strengthen it and make it healthy again. It moisturizes the scalp when you are dealing with a dry scalp and also either prevents or eliminates dandruff. The antioxidants contained in the Vitamin E are helpful for encouraging the cells to produce new healthy hair and they do not only promote hair growth that is healthy but it also makes it look thicker.¬†Argan oil benefits

My experience with Moroccan Argan Oil

I have been using some organic oil hair products for about a year now and I must say, after everything that I’ve tried and used to see my hair being finally free from freezing, dandruff and constant length I am impressed with the Moroccan Argan oil benefits. At first, I used to mix the Moroccan Argan oil with the Jamaican black castor oil and applied it on my hair twice a week then I noticed that it started looking different, I had never seen it look so shiny and sleek this way before. I then curiously wanted to find out whether it was the combination of these two products that changed my hair or it was one of them. So I stopped using it until my hair was dry after three days and then applied the Moroccan Argan oil, surprisingly it didn’t take five days to notice that it’s the one. A few weeks later I noticed that it didn’t only make my hair look shiny, but it also softened it and I couldn’t see the dandruff anymore.


If you are also facing the same hair problems as my previous ones, then I recommend that you look into this organic oil and see for yourself how the Moroccan Argan oil benefits will work for you. There are many of them in stores with different brands but you should go for the organic ones.

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